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STP 500 Thermal Pad|5.0W/mK
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Product Description:

STP 500 is a silicone thermal interface material with a thermal conductivity of 5.0W/m·K. The quality is soft, has excellent compressibility and self-viscosity, has good filling ability for various surfaces, only a small assembly pressure can greatly reduce the thermal resistance between the heat source and the radiator/shell, so as to achieve efficient heat dissipation function.

Product Application:

Ø Communication: communication base station, optical module

Ø Transportation: Automotive electronics, drones

Ø Test instruments: power amplifier, filter, test system, etc

Ø Security and defense: radar systems, aerospace spacecraft, etc


Product features:

Ø Soft, self-adhesive, good fit

Ø Flame retardant insulation

Ø Safety and environmental protection, excellent mechanical properties, simple operation

Ø Low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity

Product performance:


*Colors can be customized according to requirements.

**The data is for the reference of design engineers only. The performance provided above is the performance range of the series products, different models of products and in different application environments will be different, engineers should test according to the actual environment.



Pre-formed sheet, carton packaging.


Ambient temperature, avoid exposure to the sun.


Shelf life

24 months.

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